Two Artists Duet

Producing psychedelic experimental stuff about depth. Creation of new world, full of miracle inside the soul. The interpretation of the scene.

— Who knows the answer?


The Story

“We create chaotic and mad paintings that would come to life while we are sleeping to become mystical, magical and able to change the reality.

We allow the visions exist forever and live their lives with the natural mutations and development to bring the wonder to anyone, who is looking the dreamed transcendent realities.

The goal is to fill the walls around with those oil paintings, to make a portal from which we could get into other worlds and wandering through time by influencing the events… We do something special, magical to make life full of sense.”

(TIlarids and Kvila Bristenia)

The Artists

Artists duet of singer, musician, sound and video designer, poets.

Main duo-projects:

music: Quitensiaga experimental metal band,

 Amphistasis experimental band,

poetry: 3 published books,

 art: series of big sized Oil paintings for Park Club.

Our artworks are presented in a creative shop “Creatrix” in the heart of Dresden, you can always visit it and see our oil paintings if you  would like to. Moreover, we  often take part in different markets like Hauptstraße am Albertplatz, Altmarkt Dresden, Elbeflohmarkt, Familienfest Goldener Reiter, Neustädter Markthalle, Kreativ Markt in Dresden and its a pleasure for us to meet you there each time 🙂

Kvila Bristenia

Kvila Bristenia is an unordinary oil painter, who has become known in Europe due to her unique style she transformed through her philosophy.

A character of Kvila’s work, whether figurative, abstract or surrealist is her inventiveness in her search for new keys in art to open the doors of human and set hem free from his frameworks of perception. Artist paints from her childhood. Also she is a  musician and writer. All her life she dedicates to oeuvre.

Artist Statement:

“I teach my paintings talk. Talk to the creatures around and share the realities inside themselves. My point is that art is a great magic thing we could investigate and learn  from”.

Ölgemälde Atelier

Tilarids (Oleg Permeacov)

Tilarids / Oleg Permeacov is a reputable internationally collected artist who specializes in creating original abstract oil paintings that depict a mesmerizing combination of colors, emotion, energy and movement.

He was influenced by art in his family from a young age, as his parents are also artists. The Artist began painting at a young age and now his style is recognizable.

Now he is known for his brilliant oil and mixed paintings which describes mystical symbolism themes and ideas. With hundreds paintings sold worldwide he is a seasoned professional.

Artist Statement:

“One of the invisible depths mixed in red and blue spectrum before it goes into nothingness exploding the brightness of indescribability, unsaidness, unobtrusiveness, misunderstandings, non-negation, beating the rhytm so chopping and absurdly with the discordant beater of memory in the many-eyed face of unconsciousness and oblivion which substitutes random images of your self-proclaimed head.”

Kvila Bristenia

Oleg Permeacov (Tilarids)

The Paintings

Handgemalte Bilder

We work in such styles as surrealism, abstract, experimental, contemporary art, modern art, underground etc. We have created about 200 unique artworks. Most of them are taken, but we always have new oil paintings to choose.

Our paintings are made with oil on canvas of small (up to 50 sm), mid (up to 100 sm) and big sizes (from 100 sm). The prices for our we are different and everybody can get the oil painting he would like to.

We also perform oil paintings by order. Among our clients is a Business Center with 8 big paintings we had created. If you like any of our works and they are unavailable we will definitely produce them for you again, just let us know.

Get in touch

Cell: +49 176 369 8282
Skype: Granatenkopf, Kvila_
Art Shop “Creatrix”: Hauptstraße 15, 0a1097, Dresden


Artist feels & creates. Take a part of the feeling with you.