Art modern: Colors, mood and styles in art

Art modern

People ask us in what styles and directions we work. Why color is as a lead in the paintings, why some our art modern works look like overweight.

Everyone sees what he wants to see in the art. Someone can see a rainy cloud in a sunny day, while the other person consider a random dot in the dark as a light 🙂

Of course, every artist reveals his colors, in which he is comfortable to be so that to create. Moreover, there are some projects in which the artist is trying to say something, for example, with some basic color.

Regarding styles and directions we use, these are: abstract art, abstraction, abstract expressionism, inform, tashism, post-painted abstraction, avant-garde, underground, fauvism, cubism, futurism, expressionism, abstractionism, surrealism, actionism, conceptual art, actionism. We like also Ar brut – marginal art, naive, intuitive art, art nouveau, analytical art, analytical cubism, primitivism, action art.

We don’t work in pop art.


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