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We are always working on new projects. Our artists are full of interesting creative ideas about modern art. Please choose the most interesting theme for you and search for your best oil paintings!

New Collection from Kvila & Tilarids “Painting with Coal”, which has been started in February 2018. All these artworks have been created with coal and partially with oil.

“The collection “Faces” is made to show the usual human’s feelings and the attempt to freeze them in the certain painting with oil impression and lingered sensitive concentration.”

“Abstredblue” collection – Choose your painting! “One of the invisible depths mixed in red and blue spectrum ...” (TIlarids)

“The wall is breathing with the color” is a collection, in which Tilarids offers his large abstract oil paintings in format 140×100 of different colors to cover the walls with a certain saturated color on each artwork separately. You can hang the paintings vertically or horizontally.

Special Collection contains oil paintings have been developed by Kvila Bristenia in 2013-2014.


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