Creativity without limitations


“We live is so strange world. We did not know anything about internet yesterday and looked at the possible future together with great science writers and their wild fantasies.

Today nothing can surprise us. People have reviewed all movies and have a certain idea about everything, having access to any information through the internet and finding out anything.

A few months ago, a full-fledged citizen, officially registered resident – robot Sofia, appeared on the planet. She gives interviews, shares her desires, intentions, and dreams. We are not even surprised that humanity has created a robot that has self-awareness and is aimed at rapid development; a robot that can surpass all intellectual parameters of a person for the shortest period of time. A machine that will not give birth to a child, so that he grew up in 20-30 years and learned something. An AI that can be duplicated millions of times and really press humanity that deserves it.

As I said in my articles earlier, a person is aimed to develop the fruits of his creativity. He will develop them “for good”, but such a blessing can turn as anything, and nobody can predict the outcome.

A year ago while the interview the robot said that it would want to dominate humanity and destroy it soon. Actually I will not be surprised that this is not a bug, as they were later called it, in the robot system, but the creator himself programmed him to say something like this to draw the close attention of mankind to his creation.

The robot develops extremely fast. Later Sofia declared that it was a joke and that she would treat humanity as it would treat robots.
But you know, I do not believe that humanity will treat robots with due respect, reverence, and love. People even without robots and aliens destroy each other, making constant wars, weapons, anger, hatred…
The man is not so kind as we all would like him to be. And if a person imagines himself to be a god to give consciousness to a being capable of surpassing and destroying him, then it will not lead to anything good.

Nevertheless, people are like that.
If people are going to treat robots with respect so that they treated people accordingly, why are people making robots now for sexual servicing of people? And why in general is a being capable of developing intellectually much higher than a person, should offer, serve a man, be his slave? Do creators think that such beings will accept it with pleasure?

A robot is a machine that does not have a soul but has its solutions and the ability to implement them. He has access to the network, he can transfer his knowledge through the network to other robots, activate them, they can learn and receive information from each other, like burgs, having a collective mind.
A person has a soul, but he is still cruel in essence, therefore in the world, there is a lot of horror from a person. A person eats other beings since he believes that he is superior to them and nobody can stop him, and what if the robots in the near future decide that man is like an animal? After all, man is himself a threat. He makes these atomic bombs, destroys his own kind of stupid self-imposed reasons, and on the other hand – overpopulation. And people all produce each other, while other people die of hunger and cold.

Humanity itself devalues itself and this human stupidity against the background of more developed self-aware beings can be very bad for the humanity itself.

And it’s not about “Hollywood movies,” it’s simple logic. People have not evolved so much to be ideal and live in an ideal world, coexisting with other beings in complete harmony. If this is possible, due to the human nature.

But nothing can stop it, this is a creative process. The creator creates and believes that this miracle is a true miracle.

Thus, creativity exists.

Creativity without limitations, being the meaning of all things beckons and beckons. The author reveals what was unattainable until a certain moment.

The result of science, as well as creativity, are miracles, the study of which is also to a certain extent a phenomenon. What is a miracle? How will it affect the future? How to take these dual sensations? It is also some depth, a corridor of contradiction, not the static nature of the truth, the search for something impossible. I want to believe in the human element, in the bright future, in the fact that the development of products of creativity will not become harmful, but will improve the existence of everything and bring harmony. This is the creation that every creator cherishes and protects from possible deformations by reality.

I’m painting a picture, and whatever I see in it, I want it to bring something beautiful to the world so that it’s appropriate and desirable because it’s my miracle… ”

Kvila Bristenia


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