“Faces” Project by Kvila Bristenia


 (*In the text below you can find all paintings’ titles from “Faces” project, marked bold front.)

The project “Faces” is made to show the usual human’s feelings and the attempt to freeze them in the certain painting with oil impression and lingered sensitive concentration.
The palette of environment inside the person is appeared by new fresh emotions and they increase his acuity of feeling.
In this series I tried to develop film of internal sense of life trough the evident things.
Sometimes you just need to look in the mirror to catch a moment, so that to awake in the middle of something which is going on in a parallel universe of yourself. But what is better, you don’t need to do it, just keep this “small flag” in your memory and realize the deepness you are flying in.

People are different and that is stunning. Every day we meet faces, faces, faces… We love, we are flounding in the forest of hearts, we meet Marfa, read her Dream

We feel joy, being inspired by Metal Spring

We think we are normal, we are curious, gone from irreality, free of vendetta, looking for a mystical Frau Deko, she knows everything about tenderness, and we are getting minded, lost, forgotten, find ourselves under Malena’s question, her rustle


Like a phantom GolovaVanna with many affairs, we, lonely and detached, floting through the rivers of hypocrite to outland rtying to find a secret of musician about normality

Donna Butterfly kisses us through the flower with perfidious immaculation and we are not afraid to detect ourselves alone like a ghost of the past

Somebody like him smiles to us and whispers “V moyim sadu” and will go away for Liana

This is like a trip, where everybody can enter and create a new chain of emotions.

Just remind me about this once upon a time.


A list of oil paintings in “Faces” project series:

“Faces: Alone”, 70×100
“Faces: Backward”, 50×70,
“Faces: Curious”, 50×60,
“Faces: Detached”, 50×70
“Faces: Donna Butterfly”, 73×53
“Faces: Forest of heart”, 70×50
“Faces: Gone from Irreality”, 70×50
“Faces: GolovaVanna”, 50×60
“Faces: Ghost of the past”, 73×92
“Faces: Frau Deko”, 50×60
“Faces: Forgotten”, 50×60,
“Faces: Flower”, 70×70,
“Faces: Her Dream”, 70×50
“Faces: Hypocrite”, 50×70
“Faces: Joy”, 50×60
“Faces: Lonely”, 50×60
“Faces: Lost”, 50×70
“Faces: Loved”, 50×60
“Faces: Malena’s Question”, 60×60
“Faces: Many affairs”, 50×60
“Faces: Marfa”, 50×70
“Faces: Metal Spring”, 50×60
“Faces: Minded”, 50×60
“Faces: Musician”, 70×50
“Faces: Normality”, 50×60
“Faces: Outland”, 50×60
“Faces: Phantom”, 50×70
“Faces: Perfidious Immaculation”, 80×80
“Faces: Remind me”, 70×50
“Faces: Rustle”, 50×70
“Faces: Secret”, 60×80
“Faces: She knows”, 60×60
“Faces: Tenderness”, 50×70
“Faces: Vendetta”, 50×70
“Faces: V moyim sadu”, 60×80
“Faces: Liana”, 70×100
“Faces: Him”, 80×80


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