How to make an order

About the paintings that are no longer available

Today we would like to appeal to those art connoisseurs who would like to order paintings that are no longer available. Recently while facing with such orders, we have decided to describe the process in this article to make it easier for customers.

The main idea here is that we are ready to recreate a similar painting in the same style, but not an exact copy, since this is expressionism. We do not copy our works! If you got an idea and the style, the color range or you want to order a similar painting in a different size – this is your individual order and we are going to meet your wish, working on it.

There is no any sense to argue with the author whether the newly painted painting looks exactly like the previous one or it does not. Author is an author, this is his unique vision, he spends his time on making it pleasant for you to get an artwork, not just an exact copy of his previous painting. We are expressionists, and today the artist has one expression, tomorrow it can be different one; it’s like dreams that dream differently every night. It would be strange to dictate the conditions, how exactly you need to see a dream.

How to make an order

Therefore, if you decide to receive a freshly recreated new artwork and its sudden currently vision, feel free to send us an email about what painting you are interested in and in what size, maybe with a new colors, offer your price, make an advance payment and get your painting within a about a week.
We will be happy to be involved in the workflow and to complete this creative task with much inspiration.

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