“Kein Kunst, Kein Kunst!” – a passerby exclaimed

To write paintings you just have to start painting. It’s like in any issue. If you always dreamed of doing something, becoming someone, but have been doing something else and have become somebody different, then the life of the one you dreamed about has not happened.

But you have a different life and this is also valuable.

Nevertheless, if we talk about how to become an artist, then we don’t have any time for talking about it. We are busy with painting.

As soon as you have touched the paint with your hands, smeared it on the palms, fingers, felt its smell, you want to smear something with it, get down to it.

To become an artist means to go on the path of experiments. Spoiling the canvases with your first strokes, hearing the trail “What kind of smearing is this?!”, feeling the bewilderment of others.

“Kein Kunst, Kein Kunst!” – a passerby exclaimed

Kein Kunst..

And still I like to cause contradictions. I do not want to paint what I can see or photograph. I’m bored of it. I want to evoke feelings in people.

Well, I like to observe how people are passing by my works and look at emotions they experience. Actually I noticed that the greatest emotions were caused by the bare parts of the body, such as buttocks. There is so much laughter, poking fingers in the painting, so much fun it gives people. But this painting was gained just online. Maybe people are ashamed to talk about such a painting personally, I do not know, but it’s absurd. Because who have not seen the naked ass? What’s so funny in it? But people like children and this is interesting.

People are walking, walking past, looking at the paintings.. They say: “But what kind of art is this? My child in the kindergarten can paint better”, they are talking, talking, but the main thing is that they are getting emotions. Real emotions, genuine emotions, they are waving with their hands, snorting and they are affected by my artworks somehow. I appreciate it. They are not indifferent.

The artist is delighted to the absence of indifference. In this case, everything is good, the path is chosen correctly.

One guy acquired my artwork because it reminded him one of the scenes from David Lynch’s movie “Mulholland Drive”. Curious, because Lynch is one of my favorite producers. The guy thought that the picture had depicted the process of awareness when the main character began to feel the reality closer to the end of the film.

One extremely highly respectable age retired woman took on my panting, the one that it would not seem likely to buy for older people. They usually prefer impressionism. But the woman chosen this work according to some of her perceptions, she liked how the silence was expressed, on her point of view, this is how she understood this painting.

One guy was staring for a long time on the painting and could not understand how this can be created, then he asked: “What did the artist smoke and where to get such a herb? How the normal person can think this way?” He would like to have such visions, images in his head, then he called my artworks “heavy drugs”.
This work was not taken by him, but the one who took it was very pleased.

One person got oil painting because it reminded him of his love. Curiously, how such a painting can mean love.
There are a lot of paintings, people are looking for their own. And the artist is looking for new images in himself and he always in lack of colors and canvases. Well yet, the artist is someone who does truly, what he loves and what his soul is for. So, therefore, the artist lives the life, about which he dreamed. The life of the artist!


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