New upcoming Project “Unlock your hidden selves by art” (sharing a cake of art experience by Kvila and Tilarids)

Every day we come across new ideas.

At the moment we are preparing one of our most interesting projects: sharing our experience in creating abstract oil painting with people who would like to investigate themselves in this direction.

In the spring/summer, alive communication with art will be started, along with with new talents and daring ideas inside of each artist.
Our artists Kvila Bristenia and Tilarids (Oleg Permeacov) will share their experience.

“The  upcoming events are our development, our passion and a great desire to share creative search with the world, to introduce ideas, to catch everyone with their energy of boundless creativity of working with oil and spread it as deep as possible through Dresden, touching each person’s inside and letting his potential to grow up.

Probably each person in the world is talented. First of all the person simply has to relax and enjoy, without straining, and of course, thanks to the music that sounds, the variety of colors that are laid out in front of him, and attracting canvases that will call him at a certain key moment.

And our task is to offer this moment, to feel the desires and aspirations of everyone, so that regardless of who, at what stage of the cognition of artistic activity he is at, he could leave satisfied with his new coveted masterpieces of art and wanted to create again with the feeling the taste of life and the meaning of creation.

About us – we are both creative free artists, musicians, poets and writers. People who live to create and see in this the meaning of existence. But not only to create, looking into the hidden corners of life and unwinding the ball of ourselves in the universe, revealing everything that is hidden and unknown and reflecting it creatively, but also to discover new creative worlds existing to be filled with self-development. We are ready to inspire, give new impulses in creativity and develop this idea while communication and performance.

Speaking about someone’s artwork, it’s better to show and let everyone create their own internal interpretations, pouring on canvases with curious grandiose beginnings with constant understatement and the desire to recognize every smear or spilled paint.
So there can not be any copies of artworks on the actions: each person will do as he sees in his own way, everyone is able to bring something unique to be non-standard, avant-garde, art-house creators.

Dresden is not just a city, but the cultural capital of Germany and of course, there are many talents in it. And for us it’s an honor to carry our art idea to this city.

We prefer to work in styles, mixing them together, such as abstract expressionism, avant-garde, surrealism, art-house, underground, modern  art and similar trends.

In addition, our preferable materials: oil, acrylic sprays, a variety of newly invented techniques, gesso, brushes, rags, loofahs, scallops, palette knuckles all that will fall under the arm. We write on medium and large canvases mainly.
Why do we offer larger canvases: in our opinion, a person who feels large space in front of him to create a painting, easier gets rid of the feeling of constraint, that he would do something wrong. The excess timidity is removed and the confidence is gained faster with each next brushstroke or with the  other way of interacting with the canvas and paints.

In addition while painting on the large canvases, the desire to create is constant, but grows, when you can do anything to express yourself, and we would prefer to offer such pleasure to people.

We will work together to give enough attention to each participant in the this kind of performance in German-English  languages.

Actually this will be our experience sharing, our process demonstrating and people can try this by themselves through this kind of performance.

We don’t teach you, this is not any way of educating. You are  not searching for the path, you are yourself is the path.

We don’t use such definitions like master classes, training, courses or workshops, this is a live communication with the Art.”

At the moment, we are planning an organizational work. We have to find a suitable place for meetings, places for storing materials, preparation work and searching for many materials for the implementation of the project.

In case you have old paintings, unnecessary canvases, paints, brushes, palette knives, easels – feel free to offer them, we collect everything, and we will use each such thing in a creative project.
Do you represent clubs, premises for painting? Please let us know and we will consider your offers with pleasure.
May be you have a desire to support the project – we will be happy and hope that this will speed up the start of the project.

Whould you like to participate? Please apply now and we will inform you about the start beforehand.

Finally, if you would like to promote this idea – welcome!


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