Oil Painting creating by Individual order

Recently we went into the lobby of a hotel and wondered how illiterate and tastelessly the place for a big painting inside it was found. Inexperienced work looked too obvious and it is incomprehensible, what had made a person to hung such a painting there up.
At the same time it happens, you go to the cafe, and there is such a nice atmosphere, there are wonderful paintings on the walls, and you take a chance to test this atmosphere by yourself and stay there to enjoy it.

Ordering paintings in large format is an uncomfortable thing, because it’s expensive, you have to wait long for it and nobody knows what artists “slips”.
Probably people think this way if they do not search for the best solution and as a result the unsuccessfully purchased painting will constantly “pursue” and repel by its look you and others.

We try to take into account all the shortcomings and offer a professional approach in this matter. We’ll visit your room, evaluate the gamma of colors, we advise you the content that would be most conveniently to place on a suitable format. We will offer you references, or consider yours, if you already have an idea of what should be done in each case and which is really fits perfectly into the certain scope of the project.

Do not think that ordering a pinting will be too expensive for you. Here are the prices for individual oil artwork on canvas to be made by order:

50х50: 250€
60х60: 300€
70х70: 350€
80х80: 400€

90х90: 450€
100х100: 500€
110х110: 550€
120х120: 600€

130х130: 650€
140х140: 700€
150х150: 750€
160х160: 800€

170х170: 850€
180х180: 900€
190х190: 950€
200х200: 1000€

Materials will take a lot for this kind of work, the execution time will be specified individually, depending on the complexity of work. If you order several pintings at once, we can make a discount. But you will be in reliable “hands”. We will help you create the most incredible unique paintings that will amaze everyone who’s entering your room.

Make your orders as soon as possible, so that the artists have time to pick up and get the right canvases and materials as well as that to take oil time to dry. We will implement any of your creative requests and you will receive the most successful expressionism abstract alive paintings that will be the pride of your houses, apartments and offices.


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