The subject of our investigation

I have already told somehow about the contradiction between the static (oil painting) and the movement, the sound (the song) in the aspect of time, about this duality, as well as about the inalienability of the existence of changes that can not be assessed as constructive or destructive, which is a contradiction itself:

We want to reflect the sensations with the artworks more fully, in which sounds of time move, but the oil painting has not been changed. And this exchange of contradictions is at the heart of dual communication of the person with himself, as well as the world and emptiness.

Time, space, science, feelings, a segment of human life, the moment for which a person can bring something special, his own to the universe, and those changes that can occur due to this moment, qualitative or structural, destructive or constructive – an integral part of the existence of all living things, meaningful to be. Because we are here and now. Because you can take these feelings and investigate them. To discover the great thing, to return to the beginning, as a spring, to be aware of new parallels and live your lives, in which you are real.”

I would like to explain my idea a little.

The subject of our study is the contradiction in creation. Creation, light, development – this is what most of the prolific figures of art and science have been striving for. Nevertheless, they concern in the gross mind sense of a huge number of people and phenomena. They experiment, even if everything seems favorable and constructive. But we can not deny the obvious fact, that when a scientist develops additives for irrigation on fields, so that products would grow better, and as a result, they are used in military purposes as a biological weapon, from which millions of people have been harmed, then what is it? This is a normal process of duality when you are creating, discovering, finding with the goal to help and save the world, but it happens that you destroy it. This does not mean that all constructive ideas and processes are ruining, but this means that we must understand that it is also possible to happen, as this is just a phenomenon itself. The phenomenon of development. And everyone who creates can face this.
In the realm of art, there is the same situation, because this is also a search, creativity, experiment, and discovery, like science. While many people love each other for your music, someone dies under it. Paintings can both please the eye and soul and infuse devastation and disappointing and lead to terrible consequences.

Life is much more volumetric and multifaceted than it may seem. This is the basis of our creativity, both in music and in painting. Sometimes it manifests itself in contrasts, in an attempt to connect the incompatible, in the desire to do something new, and not just rephrase what has already been heard and seen.
Feelings also have been pursued by contradictions. Duality by itself is the norm in which everything is complicated and everyone wants to get rid of as if it is possible. But we have to keep the eyes of the soul open widely, and stand naked in the wind of controversy at the slightly opened door to unexplored in order to create.

Everything always affects everything. Whether I make this artwork of art or not. Whether I fulfill my purpose or not. Whether I make a choice or not. The one has been immersed in life is already part of the whole duality that surrounds us and sprouts from inside of us. You can hide from it in the corners of the subconscious, but you can investigate it, as well as and being with it.

SO, art / oil painting and science make a wonder, but what is a wonder made of?

I will be happy to answer your questions, ask if they are available.



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