Perception and artwork

Perception and artwork

Having created a new painting, the artist feels a certain range of feelings. These feelings are connected by the thin thread with the newly created work of art. As soon as the author “has been сut the umbilical cord”, he gives a new life, full of uncertainties, expectations, disappointments and joys.

The painting will feel your emotions and will reflect them like a mirror, or absorb them into itself like a sponge. It is an independent being. It will affect you, even if you don’t notice it at all.It feels like any creature. It will release its energy inside of you if it wants. Be careful and respectful to the works of art. Do not take them with you if they are alien to you. You should not offend them with humiliating reviews, just bypass them and do not even stare at them once again, so as not to cause them any discomfort.

Every creature should live surrounded by positive emotions, joy and happiness. The painting should not feel the negative.

Do love the one you take into your home and in your heart. Life is already full of cynicism and stupidity, in which all the most valuable things are feculent and lost their irretrievably, thus emptying the soul and making senseless of itself and everything around.


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