“A cup of coffee”, Handgemalte Ölgemälde, 78×59, Kvila Bristenia

Gemälde-Galerie zu Dresden

Expressive Malerei. Nicht mehr verfügbar.


Taken (can be painted again by request)

Handgemalte Ölgemälde von Kvila Bristenia – Modernistische Tendenzen

Handgemalte Ölgemälde “A cup of coffee”:

This oil painting is the beautiful piece of Quintensiaga Oil Gallery artist Kvila Bristenia. Kvila has made this surrealistic abstract painting with oil on plexiglass painting surface. The size of painting is 78×59 cm, it is framed in a black wooden frame. As you can see, here is an abstract portrait of the woman, who is looking for the happiness while drinking coffe, because life is more deep then just something complicated. So sometimes the happiness is just in the simple things.

The format of painting is medium. This is expressionism, surrealism, modern art, and contemporary art. The painting appeared in August 2017.

We don’t have this painting any more, but if you are interested, please let us know and we will recreate it for you on any format in the nearest time.

Dimensions 78 × 59 cm


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