“Uncalmed”, Peinture à l’huile, 80×80, Tilarids


1.100,00 790,00

Décoration – art

Peinture à l’huile “Uncalmed”

There are many abstract art works from Tilarids in our gallery, and here is one of them. Oil painting / peinture à l’huile “Uncalmed”, is a black and white 80×80 piece on the cotton canvas which will decorate any apartment or office. It is an abstract painting, the artist made it in April 2018.

The delivery in by DHL.

Art abstrait, art conceptuel, contemporain, art déco, minimalisme, expressionnisme abstrait, surréalisme, actionisme, avant-garde, underground, futurisme, expressionnisme, art intuitif.



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