The other paintings under the painting (Unique Offer)

Sometimes, you create an oil painting, then you create a new one on it, then you create the third one on it, then the next one… And so a multilayered painting is formed, under which the other paintings with the hidden images are concealed.

In adition the canvas has been already heavy due to large amount of oil paint, it has been exhausted from constant changes, and looks quite mystical and strange.

As a result you already understand that if you continue painting new images over the old ones, then you will just throw the paint out to nowhere and you will constantly be not satisfied with the result. As if it simply does not have any end and it will always be incomplete in any case.
Sure you can take the neighboring canvas, and everything will be wonderful. You will write what you like, but this painting is some kind of demonic. It continually forces to cross out the previous images, shred new ones and again you will keep feeling devastated. It’s like a black hole. The dimensionless, meaningless, made of the abyss.

This is about my “Duality” oil painting (80×60, 2013).

I had stopped writing it again, having decided at some point that it has already a lot of everything have been concentrated inside of it. It has been hidden for 5 years and now I am ready to show it:

Exklusive Gemälde
Duality Exklusive Gemälde quintensiaga kvila bristenia

This painting took away a lot of energy and inspiration, it certainly contains some internal resources and fractal feeling. It will be especially valuable for someone who would really feel it.

I have only one such painting, so I have written a separate post about it. If you are ready to take it to your home, let us know, it is already on sale.


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