The symbiosis of creativity

The person has time. This is perhaps the most valuable gift. The time that leads to action, and time, which destroys everything that has been created.

Also, time is given to the artist. A person should be aware of the situation in which he must be in time, otherwise something important will be lost that can not be returned anymore.

Oil painting is a substance in which the visual components of the world are revealed. The artist needs to have time to look into it and make his own casts in eternity from it.

While writing this text, I’m falling into the same feeling as when I paint. The similar situation is in music. While writing music, singing songs, playing instruments, we’re staying in this same magical space, from the creative flow that fills the life.

Creating a symbiosis of creativity. Saturating with the process and turn it into the meaning of life, into a constant pursuit of happiness, simply staying in the creative work and developing creative results.

We are often asked what we do in life, and we must answer that we are seriously engaged in painting and music.
Therefore, our main project is an audio-visualized creative project in which aspects of human being are displayed on the part of cognition.

So we position our creativity this way. At the moment we are developing a musical component. We work a lot on our songs in the band “Devio Hail” and intend to present them soon. Our oil art exhibitions will be accompanied by performances where we will play what we feel, like while writing oil paintings.

We want to reflect the sensations with the artworks more fully, in which sounds of time move, but the oil painting has not been changed. And this exchange of contradictions is at the heart of dual communication of the person with himself, as well as the world and emptiness.

Time, space, science, feelings, a segment of human life, the moment for which a person can bring something special, his own to the universe, and those changes that can occur due to this moment, qualitative or structural, destructive or constructive – an integral part of the existence of all living things, meaningful to be. Because we are here and now. Because you can take these feelings and investigate them. To discover the great thing, to return to the beginning, as a spring, to be aware of new parallels and live your lives, in which you are real.

Come to the concerts of our band, get paintings and write reviews.

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